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Personalized Assessment

Identifying the actual level of skin laxity is an essential step in treatments like Ultherapy. Its purpose is to determine the skin needs in corrective versus preventive measures, as well as to validate your expectations. The state and age of the skin will affect how it reacts to ultrasound. A personal evaluation will help complete a final diagnosis. Always transparent, we shall confirm to you if you make a good candidate for an ULTRASOUNDS face lift.Ultherapy.

Who is the ideal candidate for ULTRASOUNDS?

The best way to determine if you are a good candidate for ULTRASOUNDS is to schedule a free consultation with Bio-Stria in Calgary.


Typically, ULTRASOUNDS is ideal for men and women in their 30’s and older who have mild to moderate skin laxity manifested in lowered brow lines, sagging or loose skin around the jaw or neck, and wrinkles or fine lines on the chest.*

ULTRASOUNDS is also popular among younger adults in their 20’s who want to delay the onset of skin laxity.* Our ULTRASOUNDS is HIFU it the SIMILIAR technology that Ultherapy uses. 

In Calgary the price of a Ultrasounds, patients can expect to pay between

$199, and $999 depending upon the areas being treated. 

Ultrasounds meets the demand for something between skin creams and surgery.

A complimentary consultation at our Calgary office with Brenda can give you a quote tailored specifically to you and your needs.

Full Face and Chin: $699,

Full Face and Upper Neck Female: $799,  

Full Face and Upper Neck Male: $899,

Full Face Full Neck from Jaw Line to Clavicle: $999,

Brow/Eye Zones: $299, 

Mouth* Zones: $199,

Decolletage: $299.

*Not included in any treatments.


The first step of your journey begins with a conversation.


If you’re interested in becoming an exclusive client of The Bio-Stria Institute,

we invite you to schedule a consultation at our Calgary office today,

and let us help you achieve the youthful beauty and optimal wellness you deserve.


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