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With the introduction of conventional hair removal methods such as waxing, shaving, tweezing, and the use of depilatories, laser hair removal has become the most common procedure.

These strategies can be painful and time-consuming, and the benefits do not always outweigh the costs.  calgary hair removal

Calgary Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is the best way to reduce ingrown hair permanently. Increasing in

popularity by the day, this procedure has been successfully effective in eliminating

unwanted hair. More recently, laser hair removal has been perceived as one of the top five

minimally invasive treatments, both by men and women.


Say Goodbye To Undesirable Hair And Waxing


Laser hair removal technology has been shown to be extremely effective. Laser hair removal is a painless procedure that results in smooth, hair-free skin. The laser's extreme heat destroys the

hair follicle, preventing future hair development. Since the laser's energy is most

attracted to the pigment of hair, similar to how sunlight is attracted to darker clothes,

laser hair removal is most beneficial for people with light skin and dark hair.


That is not to say that people with light hair won’t get similar results!


Introduce Yourself To The Latest And Greatest In Hair Removal!


Our “Lumenis Desire” laser treatment is the most technologically advanced laser hair removal treatment available. As part of our laser hair removal services, we use the FDA-approved Lumenis Desire kit.

Lumenis Desire is a quick, clean, and effective method for permanently reducing excessive

hair on the face and body.


These are a few of the many reasons that tell you to go for this technology!


  1. Virtually pain free

  2. Fast! 20 minute treatments for backs and legs

  3. Latest technology with proven results

  4. FDA cleared for all skin types

  5. More than one treatment ( Approximately 3-6 ) will be necessary to achieve permanent results


Our Latest technology is instrumental in removing body hair from the following

areas in a non invasive and painless manner.


  • Bikini line

  • Underarms

  • Legs

  • Facial Hair

  • Brazilian

  • Body

  • Upper Lip


These treatments ensure you get the best for your body all at competitive prices!


Our medical professionals perform laser hair removal, which is suitable for both men and women.


Please bear in mind that you will need to visit an dermatologist to check your

medical history and undergo a physical evaluation before deciding on laser hair removal.

This is also an opportunity for you and your doctor to talk about your hopes and the procedure's results.


Looking to say goodbye to shaving, tweezing, and waxing in favor of laser hair removal?


Do you want to find out if our laser hair removal procedures are right for you?


Book you appointment!


The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

In addition to getting rid of unsightly hair, laser hair removal has several benefits over traditional waxing and shaving.

Opt for laser hair removal in Calgary for benefits such as:

  • Never get razor burns, or ingrown hairs again

  • Precise targeting: Our lasers have settings for different hair types and are also calibrated to only target certain areas that have hair, leaving the rest untouched.

  • Fast treatments: Our hair removal lasers have the largest spot size to enable the treatment of several hair follicles at once. This makes for an efficient, fast, treatment. You can get your upper lip done in under one minute.

  • Money Savings: Laser Hair removal has an upfront cost, but once you’ve has your hair removed, its permanent. That means you will save big in the long term since you’ll no longer be paying for waxing, razors, or shaving gel.

  • Targets all locations: You can do laser hair removal on any region of the body. We’ve got you covered whether its armpits, bikini area or buttocks, you can count on us to make sure you get rid of any unwanted hair.

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The first step of your journey begins with a conversation.


Bio-Stria is a leader in
non-invasive skin tightening treatments.


Founder & Medical Director


“ BRENDA is a inventor and specializing in non invasive body contouring procedures. As the owner of

The Bio-Stria Institute, She has earned a reputation in Calgary as a top body contouring. laser hair removal and stretch mark removal at 100%

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