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We really appreciate the interest and discussions that we've had (and are still having) with some of the investors (private/silent) But we haven't locked in on one yet and are still open to discussion(s) with an investor that is able to work with us.

If you are a private or silent investor that wants to be the sole or partial investor in funding a sustainable luxury Organic beauty products get in contact with us!

We are the only ones that removes stretch marks at 100% in the world!

We would love to connect with serious, professional, and actual investors.

The majority of funding will go into Marketing and expansion of the line of products. Our projections show that we should be stable and generating returns within 2 years

Contact us and let's get things going now!

The investments:

Worldwide Marketing


Production of line

Expansion Bee Farm

Store Front


Online Stores

French website under construction


Market Research is in the billions with 2 treatments we dispose of !

Business Plan Summary: Bio-Stria


1. Executive Summary:

Bio-Stria is a pioneering force in the organic beauty industry, specializing in the complete eradication of stretch marks through our proprietary formula. With a current valuation of $5 million, we are seeking strategic investment to accelerate our marketing initiatives, broaden our product range, and cement our global presence. Our commitment to delivering unmatched results in stretch mark removal positions us uniquely in a market projected to reach $3.9 billion for stretch marks and $3.4 billion for cellulite treatments.



2. Market Opportunity:

The market for stretch mark and cellulite treatments is thriving and displays promising growth. Bio-Stria's promise of 100% stretch mark removal distinguishes us as a frontrunner in this sector, with projected values of $3.9 billion and $3.4 billion respectively. Additionally, consumer preferences are shifting towards organic and sustainable beauty solutions, aligning perfectly with Bio-Stria's product offerings.


3. Products and Services:

Bio-Stria provides a comprehensive range of organic beauty solutions, led by our flagship stretch mark removal treatment. Our services encompass global marketing campaigns, SEO optimization, streamlined product line manufacturing, expansion of our bee farm, establishment of storefronts, and greenhouses for organic ingredient sourcing. Moreover, our commitment to continuous research and development ensures ongoing innovation to meet evolving consumer demands.


4. Marketing and Sales Strategy:

Our strategic emphasis on marketing is integral to building brand recognition and driving sales. Utilizing a diverse marketing approach, including digital marketing, influencer collaborations, and targeted advertising campaigns, we aim to effectively engage our target audience. Additionally, our sales strategy encompasses both online and offline channels, including e-commerce platforms, retail partnerships, and our flagship clinic.


5. Financial Projections:

Expanding our product offerings to include additional treatments priced at $100 USD, all guaranteeing 100% effectiveness, will significantly contribute to our revenue growth. The following breakdown provides a more detailed projection of our financial performance over the next three years: on a small investment


Investment Breakdown and Returns Analysis Based on $51 Million Annual Sales:

Given the projected annual revenue of $51 million, let's break down the potential returns for each investment option:

Investment Option 1: 6% Equity Stake ($225,000 Investment)

• Annual Net Profit Share: $3,060,000

• Return on Investment (ROI): 1356.67%

Investment Option 2: 12% Equity Stake ($450,000 Investment)

• Annual Net Profit Share: $6,120,000

• ROI: 1360%

Investment Option 3: 24% Equity Stake ($900,000 Investment)

• Annual Net Profit Share: $12,240,000

• ROI: 1360%

Investment Option 4: 33% Equity Stake ($1,125,000 Investment)

• Annual Net Profit Share: $16,830,000

• ROI: 1492%

Investment Option 5: 40% Equity Stake ($1,500,000 Investment)

• Annual Net Profit Share: $20,400,000

• ROI: 1360%

Investment Option 6: 49% Equity Stake ($1,900,000 Investment)

• Annual Net Profit Share: $24,480,000

• ROI: 1288.42%



These projections are based on the assumption that the stretch mark treatment is priced at $100 and the cellulite treatment at $100, with a 60% profit margin. The revenue and profit figures are calculated accordingly for each investment percentage. Bio-Stria is poised to capture a larger share of the organic beauty market and deliver substantial returns to our investors.

Based on our projections, we expect to achieve stability and begin generating returns within 2 years. With an investment of $1.9 million, we aim to capture a significant market share and achieve substantial revenue growth.

Considering the market research indicating a potential market size of over $3.4 billion for cellulite treatments, we anticipate capturing a significant share of this market. For example, with an investment of $1.9 million and incorporating the cellulite treatment priced at $100, we project potential revenue of over $51 million annually, assuming conservative sales figures.


6. Investment Opportunity:

Investment opportunities range from a minimum of 6% for $225,000 to 49% for $1.9 million, offering investors proportional ownership and the opportunity to capitalize on Bio-Stria's exponential growth trajectory. Partnering with Bio-Stria presents investors with a unique chance to participate in reshaping the beauty industry landscape and realizing significant returns as we expand our market footprint and drive innovation.


7. Contact Information:

For further information and investment inquiries, please contact Brenda via WhatsApp at +1.403.606.8924 or email at Visit our online stores at and (French website under construction), as well as our clinic at



Bio-Stria is poised to revolutionize the organic beauty market with our groundbreaking products and unwavering commitment to excellence. Backed by robust market research and a compelling value proposition, we invite investors to join us on our journey to redefine skincare standards and unlock substantial value in the beauty industry. Together, we will shape the future of organic beauty and set new benchmarks for sustainable skincare solutions.

These projections reflect the introduction of new treatments while maintaining our commitment to delivering exceptional results. With a diverse range of effective treatments and careful financial management, Bio-Stria is poised to capture a larger share of the organic beauty market and deliver substantial returns to our investors.

With this extended projection, Bio-Stria continues to demonstrate robust growth and profitability. Our commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability ensures sustained success in the organic beauty market, offering investors a compelling opportunity to participate in our journey towards reshaping the industry landscape.

Please be aware we won't be paying any fees of any kind or escrow or your legal fees and registration fees NO FEES at all !!!! Since we paid our lawyers all the fees already to do our paperwork.


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