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Bio-Stria Reviews on RealSelf

1- The pro are my stretch marks are gone at 100% the con are it hurt like a light sunburn nothing major the next day i was able to work and play at the park with my daughter. I went very 28 days and after 4 months they were completely gone at 100% Found Bio-Stria searching for a solution. I went and have it done in their medi/spa they also sell online.

2- Hi, It was worth every penny I went in Montreal from NYC and a started my stretch marks removal with a clinic, I was not a good case for a tummy tuck since I had not enough loose skin I was desperate I needed theses stretch marks and my loose skin, Bio-Stria is the clinic that give a full 100% removal of my stretch marks, I book my flight and started my venture, after one treatment I started to purchase they products online and I did finished my self, it was easy and I am amaze by my results so far!

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