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Introducing the Bio-Stria Starter Kit for Clinics



Elevate Your Clinic with Bio-Stria

Transform your business with our comprehensive Bio-Stria Starter Kit tailored for clinics.

The Bio-Stria Advantage

- Highlight the unique features of Bio-Stria:

- Pioneers in utilizing Virtual Video technology for training.

- Convenience: Train from the comfort of your home.

- Exclusive access to Bio-Stria trademark and operating system.

- Comprehensive initial training and support.

- Discounted products for wholesale purchases.

- Organic products that guarantee 100% removal of cellulite and stretch marks.

- Increased earning potential with a salary increase of $100/hr for practitioners.

Certification Package

- Detailed breakdown of what’s included:

- Permission to use Bio-Stria trademark and operating system.

- Initial training for you and your partner.

- Confidential operating manual.

- Installation of relevant software.

- Flexible training options before or during the grand opening.

- Discounted rates for wholesale purchases.


Slide 4: Product Inventory

- Showcase the extensive product inventory included in the kit:

- 10 Bio-Stria Treatments

- 10 Bio-Idra 5-50ml & 5-30ml

- 10 Coffee Scrub "Get Naked"

- 10 Cellulite Body Butter 'Indulge Me"

- 10 Cellulite Soap

- 10 Sugar Scrub "Essential"

- 10 Body Butter "Luv Factor"

- 10 Body Butter "Butteraza"

- 10 Stretch Marks Soap

- 10 Vitamin C Serum

- 12 Dermarollers

- 1 Hot Cab

- 10 Bio-Stria Gloves

- 10 Portfolio Bio-Stria

- 1 Retractable banner

- 50 Rack Cards

- 100 Business Cards

- 5 Pens

- 2 Baseball Hats

- 20 After Care “Post Cards”

- 1 Poster

- 5 Coffee Mugs


Investment and Returns

- Breakdown of the investment cost and potential returns:

- Bio-Stria Starter Kit price: $34,805.00

- Shipping calculated at checkout.

- Estimated return on investment based on clinic sales projections.

- Testimonials from satisfied clients and successful clinics.

- Reserve your Bio-Stria Starter Kit now.

- Contact us for further inquiries or to schedule a demonstration.

- Stay updated with our latest offerings and success stories on our website and social media channels.

Contact Information

- Provide contact details:

- Phone number

- Email address

- Website

- Social media handles

Thank You!

- Bio-Stria Starter Kit for Clinics, including organic products for cellulite and stretch mark removal AT 100% along with a significant salary increase opportunity for practitioners.


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