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Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal


Today, there are a plethora of hair removal options. No procedure, however, is as effective or accurate as laser hair removal.


Consider how much time and money you could save if you didn't shave or wax on a regular basis. The freedom you'd have if you didn't have to bother about shaving or waxing before going on an impromptu trip or party. Also, your skin's appearance and feel without pesky hairs or unpleasant ingrown hairs.


Because of how laser hair removal works, it is possible to do everything. Laser hair removal removes hairs from the hair follicle. Hair follicles are the small men in charge of hair growth, and damaging them for a long period stops or delays future hair growth.


On What Hair Types Does It Work?


Hair removal now works on practically every skin type and hair color thanks to advancements in laser technology. It's also a completely safe technique that can be used on any part of the body. As a result, you can look and feel great at any age.


Biostria’s experienced specialists employ precision tools and meticulous attention to detail to provide you with the greatest experience and beautiful hairless skin. You can see results in as little as a few weeks with laser hair removal, and it's less painful than waxing. With laser hair removal, you can be the most confident version of yourself.


Why Biostria?


No More Shaving or Waxing


  • Save Time and Money

  • Get Perfectly Smooth Skin

  • Precise and Effective Solution


How Does It Work?


The laser used to remove the hair emits tiny amounts of radiation that stick to the hairs in the area treated by the technician during laser hair removal therapy. Unless you're a hair follicle,


the laser uses a single wavelength of light that travels to focus on the area being treated, producing a concentrated blast of radiation that is otherwise unharmful. When the melanin in our hair absorbs the laser's radiation, it heats up and burns the follicle underneath the skin, causing it to be damaged and leading to long-term or permanent hair loss. The nice thing about laser hair removal is that, unlike electrolysis, it doesn't have to target a single hair at a time.

Although it only targets a limited area, it will attack multiple strands at once.


Get The Best Hair Removal In Calgary! With Biostria!

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